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Hotel Dom | Restaurant La Vall


Surroundings & activities

Surroundings & activities
Guided hike at Hotel Dom. Discover the Catalan Pyrenees with us!

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In Catalonia, at the Pyrenees there is a village called: Organya. Is located 14 km faraway from La Seu d’Urgell and 27km from Andorra. In Organya there are many things to do: paraglide, hill waking, mountainbike, guided Romanic  tours…There is also a “Ancien Jobs Tour” with more than 7 museums. The K-T Limit Museum in Coll de Nargó (4km farway from the hotel): K-T Limit is the name that scientists give to the moment when one of the most important massive extinctions in the history of the Earth took place. It was the one that brought about the end of the reign of the dinosaurs and the beginning of a new era dominated by mammals. The interesting heritage space presented with this title offers the visitor a fascinating journey into time. From the age when the dinosaurs were still alive up until the moment of their disappearance.